Plug-and-play deep
learning models for your
Build, train and connect a deep learning model to your app without writing a line of code
It's an exiting moment of our journey
We will be gradually sending invites to our beta to create great experience for all our users. Please share with us some info on how do you plan to use Neuralhub and we will be in touch soon!
What is you level of experience with deep learning?
What do you plan to do with Neuralhub?
If you already know it, please, describe your use-case below
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Simple by design
Add deep learning to your app in a same way as you add an Intercom chat or Stripe payments
Create a model for your use-case from pre-build parts
Upload sample data to train the model
Connect the model to your app through API
Label groceries
Recognise multiple products on the picture.Train your model to see groceries purchased at the shop or ones standing on the shelf.
List car properties
Recognise what car model
is in the picture and other properties of the car: year, colour, modifications.
Count round
Count different round objects on the picture like amount of pieces in a wood or steel pile.
deep learning models

We are starting with a few pre-trained models you can test for free and will be shipping more gradually.

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Detect uniform
Detect different pieces and types of the uniform: from firefighters and constraction workers to restorant staff and nurses.
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